3WEEKS - שלושה שבועות by Yoav Gal

Presented by the 14 Stret Y, through its LABA program

August 27, 2012
Recording from New York City Opera. VOX 2011. Recorded by WQXR.
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August 22, 2012
KICKSTARTER Campaign is a success!
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Thank you very much for your donations.  I feel humbled by the outpouring.

We even got press response to our fund-raising pitch,  look here!

July 19, 2012
KICKSTARTER Campaign has been launched!
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Please help us fund the production by donating to our kickstarter campaign

June 14, 2012
Concert staging premiere slated for September 2012
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14th Street Y, through its LABA program, is the sponsor of 3WEEKS.  A concert-staging premiere is slated for September 29th & 30th, 2012 at the Theater at the 14th street Y, 344 East 14th street, New York, NY.

May 18, 2011
New York Times review of LPR performance
— yoav gal @ 4:53 pm


At Vox Festival, Future of City Opera Sounds All Too Familiar

Published: May 16, 2011

As City Opera’s board ponders a next season, the company’s Vox festival previewed 10 mostly safe works in progress.

 Only the weekend’s final selection, Yoav Gal’s “Three Weeks,” seemed truly fresh: quite an achievement considering that its libretto, by Reuven Namdar, is in Hebrew, Latin and Aramaic and that its plot takes place around A.D. 70. An episodic stylized story of the rabbi who tries to save Jerusalem from Roman invaders, it manages to be serious without being ponderous.

Scored for three trombones, piano, percussion and double bass, the music has a brassy, sinuous klezmer flavor; its vocal lines recall traditional Hebrew melodies without seeming stale. From the start, with a tantalizingly strange short video element, there was a feeling of slightly manic, ramshackle energy. The piece is not afraid to play with operatic conventions, as in the Roman general’s exaggerated coloratura, but neither is it emptily ironic. It was unpredictable — sometimes absurd, sometimes sincere — but with a core of real feeling. You didn’t know what was going to happen next.It’s impossible to say what it will eventually amount to, but alone among the works at this year’s Vox it felt new.


Three Weeks on Q2
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New York City Opera Webcast: VOX Second Stage

Live Recording from (Le) Poisson Rouge


Three Weeks at Le Poisson Rouge, NY. New York City Opera - Vox 2011
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Heather Green,

Heather Green,

Heather Green,

Robert Trevino with Heather Green,

Cherry Duke,

Cherry Duke,

Judith Berkson,

Old Yavne and new Yavne
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Three Week: Yavne

Three Week: Yavne

Three Week: Yavne

Three Week: Yavne

Three Week: Yavne

October 5, 2010
A word from Aspasianus
— yoav gal @ 8:21 pm

Aspasianus - from the Three Weeks

October 5, 2008
Libretto - first pages
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